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Into The Himalaya Treks and Expedition

The Majestic Himalayan landscape brings wonders, nature, and beauty that will leave you breathless. Nepal is a paradise of natural beauty and cultural heritage, ready for you to explore. Nepal has ancient traditions, rural villages, adventure and the eight highest mountain peaks in the world, including the magnificent Mt Everest. Into the Himalaya Treks and Expedition Pvt. (Ltd.) offers you an experience beyond your imagination.

We are independently owned and operated, our professional and dedicated team have extensive experience organizing, delivering and managing treks and expeditions, with unrivalled knowledge of the vast Himalayan mountain range. Our professional team understand and prioritize the needs of our beloved customers, to ensure that when you book with Into the Himalaya Treks and Expedition, you book an experience that you will never forget.  We offer an extensive range of tour packages to our customers including; cultural, nature, adventure and helicopter tours, we also offer the ability to tailor-make any itinerary to best suit your interests in any region of the Himalayas.

Into the Himalaya Treks and Expedition team are highly qualified, talented, experienced and skilful. Our team is comprised of Sherpa’s, mountain guides, high altitude climbers and tour and trek guide. The company is fully owned and run by specialists in their individual sectors, who have had years of experience in leading groups into the Himalayas. Our team is trained to act safely and efficiently to any sudden eventuality, thanks to a combination of our industry-leading strategic processes and expertly trained team. Into the Himalaya Treks and Expedition delivers personalized services starting from the airport pick up itself. With his extensive experience and the dedication of our team, we pride ourselves on being one of the most prominent adventure agencies in Nepal. Additionally, our dedication and desire to serve our nation ensure we put an emphasis on environmentally friendly activities as much as possible. We help our local friends and families by sharing our trekking and tourism benefits with them equally. Our team’s enthusiasm for trekking and mountaineering, combined with language skills and knowledge of how trekking and expeditions operate in Nepal will provide the best and the most memorable experience for our customers.

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Why Us ?

01. Trained and Qualified Staff

Our team is highly qualified, talented and experienced. Our team is comprised of expert mountain guides, climbers and Sherpa’s.

02. Focus on Safety

We are trained in all aspects of back-country risk, and wilderness medicine as well as focused on keeping you healthy so you can focus on a fun, and rewarding adventure.

03. Affordable Value 

We are run our own programs from right here in the Himalayas. As such we have no middle man, and no overseas sales staff to support. That means we can offer the highest value and the best quality available.

04. Sustainable Tourism 

Proud of our Himalayan heritage we desire to build sustainable economic opportunities for ourselves, our staff and our communities. Through tourism we can create lasting bridges that help raise our entire society.

Jangbu Sherpa, Founder

The Sherpa people have been known as “The Guardians of Himalayas” worldwide for generations. In the crystal white peaks of the Himalayas another Sherpa was born in the heart of Everest Region, he would became a master of the mountaineering field and passionate about continuing his legacy as a climber. Jangbu Sherpa was born on April 30, 1980, in the small village of Jubung, in the famous Solukhumbu region. Being born and raised into a trekking and mountaineering family Sherpa, followed in his father’s footsteps from the early age of 12, and regularly experienced thrilling expeditions.

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