Mt. Everest Expedition: Passion and Perseverance

Mt. Everest Expedition

Mt Everest is undoubtedly the most recognised, feared, desired and ominous mountain in the world. It stands a staggering 8,848m in the sky, towering over the clouds as it looks over the word. In Nepal it is known as a�?Sagarmathaa�� translated to a�?The Goddess of The Skya��, which it most certainly is. For most people, just getting a glimpse of this majestic mountain is a dream, for some the ambition is to climb to the top of the world. Most climbers attempting Mt. Everest have been planning and dreaming of climbing this mountain for years, or even decades, due to the sheer magnitude of the challenge.

This year we are here to provide climbers the opportunity to accomplish a lifetime ambition, making 2018 a year that can be remembered for a lifetime. TheA�Everest Region engulfed a by some of the most beautiful landscapes Nepal, and the world has to offer. The region comprises of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including the highly respected Sherpas, who are globally known for their mountaineering exploits. The attraction of the Everest region is the majestic mountains, the rural villages in the highest points of the world, the spiritual monasteries, people with rich traditional culture and most significantly Mt Everest itself.

Mount Everest has seen thousands of mountaineers over the years, some of them extremely skilful and experienced and a few who have either turned back or lost their lives in the treacherous snow. Navigating your way to the top of the mountain is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity but as they say, with every achievement comes pressure and challenges. On the way to the summit, climbers come across many unexpected and expected hindrances such as; struggling with the high altitude, harsh weather conditions, avalanchesA�and even sheer exhaustion. The mountain has claimed over 200 lives to date with some frozen bodies even acting as landmarks for the climbers. With so many risks involved it is clear that there is a real desire to overcome these obstacles and accomplish only a select few ever do in their lives.


When considering taking on something as grand as climbing Mt. Everest, training is of the utmost importance, to get there you will have to train harder than you ever have done. Getting acquitted with the high altitudes is a must, taking time to climb some of the other beautiful peaks in the Himalayan regions is a wonderful experience, whilst also bringing you more familiarity with the Himalayan landscape and conditions. The weather is also something which cannot be predicted, but a hindrance indeed. Avalanches, treacherous snow blizzards and extreme temperatures are just some of the ways it can challenge your ascent. When an uncontrollable variable like weather forces the trek to stand still, it can be very tough. You have prepared physically and mentally for this challenge, and the waiting exceeds what you were prepared for, the forced stop can start grinding on you. Mental attitudes begin to decline, small things like chilly ice under your tent can be the biggest annoyance to you. These are the moments climbing Everest will bring you closer to understanding your perseverance and resilience. The climb is tough, the variables can be much tougher and with a great team and great resilience it can be a wonderful moment of personal growth that brings about changes within yourself that only these conditions can challenge. When you need to be active, then perseverance is about action, moving, and pushing forward for progress, no matter how difficult. But during necessary periods of inaction, then patience is actually the core of perseverance.A� When there is no beneficial action to take, then by default being calm and patient is the way to persevere through. Patience is passive perseverance.

Untouched Bliss

There are no motor vehicles in the mountains of Nepal. The peace and silence is a blessing. Everyone walks everywhere, as they have forever. This deep tradition led to great trading routes, including the trans-Himalayan trade routes that Nepal developed with neighbouring countries.

As tourism came to Nepal in the 1960a��sA�this walking tradition led to the development of trekking. Trekking is hiking for fun and pushing human exploration. So ominous is Mt. Everest that before the first expedition attempt in 1922, nobody would dare to climb the great Goddess of the sky. Overlooking and commanding the respect of the people that would gaze upon it each and every day. It was not until 1953 when Tenjing Norgay Sherpa of Nepal and Sir Edmund Percival Hillary of New Zealand became the first people to successfully summit the great mountain. A huge moment for mankinda��s accomplishments and human perseverance. This is an accomplishment that is reserved for the brave few, and in a lifetime one that will never be taken away from you. Accomplishing such a climb is almost comparable to life itself, the climb is tough, dangerous and exhausting, yet the rewards are growth, views which no other mountain or place on Earth can offer a moment in history that you will never forget.

Into the Himalaya Treks and Expedition

Although Everest is not considered as technical as K2 or Kanchenjunga, ita��s not an easy task to climb Everest even for the most experienced mountaineers. Getting back from the summit is more important and difficult than getting there. There is a real danger and potential for judgmental error involved in every Everest Expedition. The oxygen level over 7,000m is only 40% of what it is at the sea level. The weather is unpredictable. We, atA�Into the Himalaya Treks and Expedition strive hard to organize the best trekking programs, placing the highest priority to all safety aspects. We believe that our planning, logistics and experience partnered with your patience and enthusiasm will help you attain the moments that you cherish for the rest of your life as you accomplish a monumental achievement.

A new year brings the opportunity to achieve new goals, to have a blank slate and to become the person that you wish to be, if you have been thinking about reaching the peak of the world, we are here to ensure that your dreams come true.

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